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Forbes | Nov 22, 2023
How Viz.ai Uses Artificial Intelligence To Treat Stroke Patients Faster

Viz.ai has 12 FDA-approved algorithms to flag problems, agreements with more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals, and big plans to work with drug companies to reduce roadblocks in healthcare.

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Erik Palitsch | Jul 14, 2023
Realizing 3D print production at mass scale

Erik Palitsch spent a decade working with Elon Musk at SpaceX, now he and his team at Freeform are developing technology that uses 3D printing to manufacture high-quality, metal parts at mass production scale.

Vinay Ravuri | Jul 06, 2023
Democratizing 5G access with edge devices

EdgeQ founder, Vinay Ravuri, refuses to be deterred by difficult and seemingly impossible challenges, which sets his company apart the rest.

Vinay Ravuri
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Josh Stein, Arpit Mittal | Jun 12, 2023
CloudZero: Empowering Enterprises With Game-Changing Cloud Cost Intelligence

We are thrilled to announce our recent investment in CloudZero, which we co-led with Innovius Capital.