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MedCity News | Nov 20, 2022
Why 1 VC is Fed Up with the Concept of Digital Health Unicorns

Getting caught up with the idea of digital health unicorns isn’t sustainable, says Threshold's Emily Melton. Instead of focusing too much on valuations, startups should focus on getting capital to reach the next stage of inflection.

Founder Q&A

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Jaclyn Chen | May 06, 2022
It’s Time to Maximize Employee Benefits

Going from zero to one client is difficult. You have a vision for something different and you must be persistent around that. Once I began to secure customers and word-of-mouth referrals, there was a groundswell of momentum to build on.

I had dedicated my career to innovating in healthcare so when this opportunity came along, I just knew it was the thing I had to do next.

Naomi Allen
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Heidi Roizen | Oct 21, 2022
You Just got a Term Sheet for a Down Round — Woohoo!

Threshold Partner Heidi Roizen on preventing entrepreneurs from making the biggest mistake in down round negotiations.

Emily Melton and Josh Stein | Oct 03, 2022
Arpit Mittal Joins Threshold
Emily Melton and Josh Stein | May 13, 2022
Announcing Threshold’s New Funds